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RTIC Cooler

We are in the age of coolers. Inovation around coolers has caused a flurry of high tech, very much over priced, coolers. 

But then came RTIC Coolers.  Being person than enjoys hunting, fishing and BBQ, there is nothing more disrespectful to the animal than allowing the harvest to spoil. 

will RTIC Coolers is the solution for me. Not only does the cooler hold ice for 10+ days, they are sized perfect and a better price than their competitors. 

Go pick up an RTIC COOLER and cup while you are at it…you will not be disappointed.

RTIC Tumbler NO Need for a Yeti

I recently purchased the RTIC 10 oz Low Ball Cup for $11.  I also ordered a cooler, but that review will come later.

The cup arrived in two to three days.  Perfectly packaged and ready to go.  I unpacked it, filled it with ice and set it aside.  I will have to admit, I did not think that the cup would hold ice as long as the manufacture stated (up to 24 hours).  I was right, it did not hold ice up to 24 hours.  It actually held ice PAST 24 HOURS.  As a mater of fact, I am at approximately 26 hours and there is still ice in the cup.  However, I cannot wait any longer to see how long the ice will last, I need to put some Scotch in this cup!

Thank you RTIC! for making a great product at half the price of your competitors.  It just makes sense to purchase a RITC other than a Yeti.

When I get the 65 cooler I will let you know.  I purchased it for camping, big game hunting and back yards cookouts.

Dont Hesitate!