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Anchor Points

When shooting, expecially a bow, the anchor points are critical in achieving consistency and accuracy. 
This is a great video on anchor points in
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7 Bowhunting Mistakes

Here is a list of 7 Common Bowhunting Mistakes. 
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Deer rut myths 

We all have been told lies. Well maybe they are myths now. However, they were facts when we were told them. 
I found many of these to be myths when I contacted my buddy Rick Grubbs of Waccamau Hunting Services in South Carolina. When I ask him the best weeks to hunt, he knows them from experience. Not looking at moon charts. 
Deer rut myths

Deer Hunting Myths

I stumbled across this article pertaining to deer hunting myths. 
Most of these deer hunting myths I have herd. Some, I was guilty of believing. 
Enjoy, live, and love life.