Greg Moriates

Family, Food, and the Outdoors


My name is Greg C. Moriates

Who am I?

First and foremost, I am a husband, father, outdoorsman, athlete, scientist, coach, and entrepreneur.

Looking back at when I grew up, it was a different time, there was no reason to sit inside and pay video games all day.  We rode bikes, dug holes, made mud pies (real mud), played army, had camp-outs in your back yards, etc.  It was all about getting outside from the moment you woke up to the moment your parent called you in for lunch and dinner.

Don’t get me wrong, we had video games and we loved to play video games.  We just did not need them to occupy our day.  Video games were filler when we could not go outside.

At age 16, I tagged along on  hunting trip with my dad.  Him and his friends were going rabbit hunting.  Looking at it through the eyes of a seasoned hunter, we did everything wrong.  Me and two other kids basically walked around a semi-wooded lot/field until we kicked up a rabbit as four to six men took turns missing the rabbit until it stopped long enough for a shot.  Rabbit down.  I did not learn a lot, or maybe anything that day.  However, I was hooked on being in the woods.

On the exterior, I was a normal kid.  I played soccer, lacrosse, football in school and club leagues.  During the weekend it was pickup games of basketball and hockey at the local school yard.  But on those days in which there were no organized sports and I received my drivers license, it was all about taking the drive upstate for some hiking, mountain biking, camping, fishing or out to the archery range.  When fall arrived, it was all about heading out in to the woods hunting for turkey and white-tailed deer. I took up archery and began to hunt with a bow and shoot in archery competitions.

However, as the years passed, thinks began to change in my life and it has nothing to do with my wife and kids as most people seem to complain about.  It had to do with an emotional roller coaster that I been going through.  I did not know how to solve it, I just did not understand what was going on.  I took to triathlons and endurance races as it seem to give me a daily purpose.  But it did not work and I began to drop all of my passions.

That was until my wife, for my 40th Birthday booked me a trip with Waccamau Hunting Services in South Carolina.  I have been hunting with Waccamau in the past and have become good friends with the owner Rick Grubbs.

I loaded up the truck with my old faithful rifle, old camo, grabbed my buddy whom never went hunting before and we started a 12 hour journey to Hemmingway, South Carolina.  A two day hunting trip changed me!  Not only did I bag a white-tailed deer and a boar, more importantly, it changed my life and brought me back to my passion of being in the outdoors, hunting, fishing, and cooking.  It was a journey of self-discovery that brought me back to me.

I know this may sound silly, but if you have not walked a mile in my shoes, you have no idea.  The missing link was going back to what I was always passionate about.

I also began to realize what chaos we live in.  We have parents that need to work two jobs to pay simple bills, cost of food raises daily, kids are glued to video games, they have no idea about gun safety or how to bait a hook.  A bow is something that they shoot virtually on their tablets instead of out on the range.  It is sad!  Why are we no longer getting dirty during the weekends.  Why is it so expensive just to take the family to the zoo or the museum.  What is going on!



“With three kids, I realize the value in teaching morals, discipline, and a no quit attitude. It is a trying time economically but it is our duty to provide our kids with the tools to find and live their passions.”

So I wanted to change this blog/website to use an not only informational but also to help people and kids to learn about the outdoors and to find their passions.  You will see information on Family, Food and the Outdoors!  The three things that bind us all!

Education and Experience:

  • BS in Biology and Environmental Studies
  • MS in Biology and Environmental Science
  • NESTA ITCA Certified Triathlon Coach
  • USA Cycling level 3 Coach
  • NESTA Fitness and Nutrition Coach
  • NESTA Sports Hypnosis Certified
  • Multiple Ironman Finishers
  • 10+ Years of Racing and Training
  • 5+ Years Coaching Newbies to Elite
  • Owner of Xtreme Multisports
  • Owner of GCM Endurance
  • Founder of M2M Training Systems
  • Loves to Train, Race and Coach.
  • Sponsored Athlete and outdoorsman.

“I am proud and excited that you have chosen me to follow on this journey!”